Overcoming Grief, Fear and Anxiety.

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Overcoming Grief, Fear and Anxiety


Elizabeth Campbell


“I contacted calmer minds as I had suffered a lot of loss in a very short space of time and was finding life a struggle.  Calmer minds helped me overcome and deal with my losses. I can now talk about my deceased loved ones and not have the overwhelming sense of grief and loss.

I could not go to the dentist as I really had a phobic fear of them.  I can honestly say that now I can go to the dentist without any fear and have work carried out.  I can’t believe it, nor can my friends and family!

I was also suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.  This was also worked on and sorted out for me and has changed my life for the better.

The service I got from calmer minds was amazing!  Ricky was very kind and thoughtful never rushing or making me feel that my phobias or problems were silly. I always left the sessions feeling lifted and good about the future.

Calmer minds has changed my life so much I now feel much better in myself and have more confidence and control.

I would definitely recommend Calmer Minds to anyone struggling with life  caused by anxiety, phobias or fears.”

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