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Surprising Benefits: How Can Anxiety Be Helpful




Anxiety is a common emotional response experienced by individuals when facing challenging or uncertain situations. It is often viewed as a negative condition, associated with stress, fear, and discomfort. However, it’s important to recognize that anxiety serves a purpose and can even be beneficial in certain ways. In this blog post, we will explore some unexpected ways anxiety can be helpful and provide a new perspective on this often misunderstood emotion.


1. Motivating Action:


Anxiety can act as a powerful motivator, pushing us to take action and address potential threats or concerns. When we feel anxious about a looming deadline, an upcoming presentation, or a difficult conversation, it can prompt us to prepare thoroughly, practice diligently, and give our best performance. Anxiety can propel us out of our comfort zones and inspire personal growth.


2. Heightened Awareness:


While anxiety may be uncomfortable, it heightens our senses and makes us more attuned to our surroundings. When we feel anxious, our perception becomes more focused and alert, enabling us to notice details and potential dangers that we might have otherwise missed. This heightened awareness can help us make better decisions, anticipate challenges, and respond more effectively in various situations.


3. Improving Problem-Solving Skills:


Anxiety often triggers our brain’s fight-or-flight response, leading to increased mental alertness and problem-solving capabilities. In moments of anxiety, our minds become more resourceful, seeking solutions and considering different perspectives. This mental agility can enhance our problem-solving skills and enable us to find creative and innovative solutions to complex issues.


4. Developing Empathy:


Individuals who have experienced anxiety firsthand tend to be more empathetic towards others facing similar challenges. Having gone through periods of heightened emotional distress, anxiety sufferers often become compassionate listeners and reliable sources of support. They can provide valuable insights and understanding to those who are going through difficult times, creating a sense of connection and fostering a supportive community.


5. Heightening Intuition:


Anxiety can sometimes be a result of our subconscious picking up on subtle cues and patterns that our conscious mind may not have fully registered. This unconscious processing can provide us with a heightened sense of intuition, allowing us to make accurate judgments and decisions based on nonverbal cues and instinctive responses. Trusting our intuition, guided by anxiety, can lead to more informed choices and better outcomes.


6. Encouraging Self-Reflection:


Anxiety can serve as a catalyst for self-reflection and personal growth. When we experience anxious thoughts or feelings, it presents an opportunity to explore the underlying causes and triggers. Engaging in introspection and self-analysis can help us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, uncover patterns of behavior, and develop strategies to manage anxiety more effectively. Through this process, we can cultivate resilience, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence.



While anxiety is often viewed as a negative emotion, it’s important to recognize that it can have surprising benefits. Anxiety can motivate us, sharpen our focus, improve problem-solving skills, foster empathy, enhance intuition, and encourage self-reflection. By embracing anxiety as a natural part of the human experience and harnessing its positive aspects, we can cultivate personal growth, resilience, and a greater understanding of ourselves and others.


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Sarah McDonald
Sarah McDonald
Ricky has helped me so much in recent months in my recovery following a serious cycling accident. The techniques he uses - hypnotherapy and guided visualisation are gentle and leave me feeling calmer and able to face my fears and anxieties. Highly recommend Ricky if you need help the way I did.
E m i l y
E m i l y
A few months ago I contacted Ricky to help me overcome my nail biting habit using hypnosis. The therapy worked wonders and I have pretty much broken the habit completely. I would recommend this hypnotherapy to anyone looking to break a self destructive habit.
Gabrielle Petherick-white
Gabrielle Petherick-white
Couldn’t recommend Ricky enough, started sessions with him a while back and had 1-2 sessions a week and it helped me massively, felt refreshed and reset after each session, wouldn’t go to anyone else if I needed more help in the future
Melanie Cheeseman
Melanie Cheeseman
Having lived with ptsd since being involved in a car accident more than 15yrs ago, I was struggling with travelling as a passenger in a car and would be a horrendous, anxious, aggressive person while in that seat. The tension nd stress I would hold in my body throughout the whole journey, would ruin the day/event etc. It was time to change this , it wasn't fair on the people I travelled with and I wasn't being fair to myself either. I had seen Ricky on Facebook and followed him for a while. I thought, 'what the heck, let's give it a go'. Of course I was sceptical but I was open to trying anything, to help me overcome this debilitating ptsd. Nothing had helped so far. Ricky was extremely helpful, he explained what the process was and what would happen during our sessions, he was very calm, friendly and approachable. I felt like I could tell him anything, putting my complete trust in him. After one session, I honestly don't know how he's done it or what he did, but I have been able to travel as a passenger on short and longer journeys without the anxiety and need to control the driver and their actions. I get to my destination, get out the car feeling relaxed, instead of exhausted and tearful. Sometimes, I can't even remember getting from A to B! Ricky is a wizard and I am forever grateful that I found him!
Joanne Straffon
Joanne Straffon
Been almost 5 weeks since I went to see Ricky for hypnotherapy to stop smoking. Ricky is so welcoming and very easy to get along with, he makes you feel totally comfortable throughout the whole experience and is also on hand to reassure you during after care if needed. Thank you so much Ricky.. Would 100 % recommend hypnotherapy is considering quitting smoking.
Debbie Davies
Debbie Davies
I saw Ricky with a 15 year anxiety phobia which was removed within 30 mins. Ricky is professional and punctual and has a way of making you feel really at ease. It was a very relaxing session with the ultimate outcome. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Ricky!
Marie Webb
Marie Webb
Soo what can I say!! I have suffered from big anxiety from driving even tho I passed my test 6 years ago I had an enormous fear of driving on my own. After 2 sessions with Ricky all my fear has gone and I'm driving without a problem! Ricky makes you feel at ease throughout his sessions and has really worked wonders with me!! Its changed the way I look at things and my life for the better. I would recommend Calmer minds for anyone that's having similar problems.
Jackie Sinnott
Jackie Sinnott
As an anxious learner driver the driving audio is helping massively. Even after listening once it helped me to relax and ground myself!
Barry Leonard
Barry Leonard
Getting older the stresses and stains of life seemed to catch up with me, that coupled with isolation and lockdown through the pandemic I had lost all desire, drive and direction in my life. I felt flat and lost, lost of confidence and purpose. I knew something needed to change, I needed to change and that’s when Calmer minds came into my life and changed everything. Calmer Minds have been absolutely fantastic start to finish, form first initial consultation all the way through my weekly sessions with after care and support. The experience was very welcoming, friendly and uplifting to let go of a lot of the negative self imposed mental barriers that were holding me back and has helped me gain confidence and self belief back. The process has undoubtedly helped me regain my confidence and self belief back, I handle the stresses of everyday living and a high pressure career with more ease and have actually thrived and performed above a level I haven’t in years. I would most definitely recommend everyone no matter what you’re going through how big or small, go talk to Calmer Minds, working with them has changed my life drastically.
John Gotelee
John Gotelee
Ricky is an excellent Hypnotherapist with a detailed knowledge of anxiety and fear removal.

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