Sleep Relaxation mp3

The pandemic plus the death of my mum in February has sadly had a bad effect on my sleep pattern- not at all surprised. So trying several ways of combating this- aromatherapy, Calm app, etc.
I tried the sleep audio last night and initially was quite anxious but I actually don’t remember the end as I fell asleep. Thanks so much 🙏

Low Mood

I found Calmer Minds Hypnotherapy on social media platform Facebook, I was not 100% on giving it a try but I’m very happy I did.
Since signing up with Ricky he has explained everything and

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Anxiety and Confidence

I started working with Ricky when he offered a period of free sessions to support NHS nurses, to help with anxiety and other physical symptoms.
My sessions with him were always helpful, and I always felt so much more positive afterwards.

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I really appreciate you listening to me and taking the time to explain why I may have been behaving in certain ways.  I found it really thought provoking and am already making positive changes. Thank you.


I’d like to thank Ricky at Calmer Minds for his help over the last few months.  He put my son at ease and helped him feel relaxed and Ricky knew what to say to help with his anxiety.

I’d certainly recommend Calmer Minds Hypnotherapy.


Haven’t smoked since! Smoked for 20 years prior! Great Job! Would definitely recommend! Thank you 🙂