Free Sleep Relaxation mp3

During the R.E.M (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of your sleep cycle (which amounts to about 20% of your sleep), your brain processes your emotions that have built up throughout the day and it turns the emotional memories into narrative memories to enable you to have more control over them.

When you are experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety or depression, your sleep will usually suffer in one way or another.  For many this will mean that they find it hard to fall asleep as they lay there worrying about what may or may not happen or ruminating about things that they have said or done.  They may also find that they wake up throughout the night.  This is because too much stress and emotion has built up to be able to be processed in one go and if you try to overwork the brain, it may wake you up for a break.  For others, they may struggle to wake up as their brain starts working overtime trying to process everything.

My Sleep Relaxation mp3 will help you drift off into a nice relaxing sleep and optimises the R.E.M sleep cycle so that the emotion is processed quickly and efficiently.  You can listen each night as you go to sleep until you are back into a nice and healthy regular sleep pattern.

You can also listen to the mp3 during the day to take some time out and reduce elevated levels of stress or anxiety.

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Tip – Listen at a volume which is loud enough to hear but not so loud that you will be woken once you fall asleep.  For some it can take a couple of nights to get used to listening to something whilst falling asleep.

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