Letting Go of Past Insecurities | Calmer Minds Hypnotherapy
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Letting Go of Past Insecurities

Happy client

Hope Bryony


“I reached out to Ricky at Calmer Minds at a time in my life where I was reflecting on feelings of instability and insecurity that were coming up in my life and relationships that I wanted to explore a bit more.

Having experienced other talking therapies including counselling and CBT, I wasn’t sure what to expect with hypnotherapy, but Ricky put me straight at ease and expertly guided me through the process.

I feel like hypnotherapy enabled me to dig deeper into past experiences in a gentle but profound way that I hadn’t experience through other forms of therapy. Since working with Ricky, I have felt more centred and can appreciate my experience and my relationship with my past in a more productive way.

I would 100% recommend Calmer Minds to anyone seeking a better understand of themselves and a positive way forward.”