'It’s Just Toast!' By Calmer Minds | Read Now...
Anxiety, Reset, Amygdala
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It’s Just Toast!

Burned Toast

How many times have you been making breakfast and suddenly the smoke alarm starts screaming FIRE! FIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRE!!!!! And you’re standing there frantically waving a tea-towel shouting IT’S JUST TOAST!

Wouldn’t it be good if we could put the alarm into sleep mode and adjust the settings so that from then on, it knew not to go off at the mere whiff of a slice of bread!

This is what we do in hypnosis… you see there is a part of our brain called the amygdala which is responsible for keeping us safe, it is our internal smoke alarm. It’s very good at keeping us alive.

However, at times of heightened or prolonged stress, it can become super sensitive to the slightest of triggers causing us to become highly anxious. At it’s worst, this could lead to panic attacks, anger or depression.

In hypnosis we put the amygdala into sleep mode and give it a mental reset – a restore to factory settings if you like. Once the amygdala is back to working as it should, we no longer experience the constant feelings anxiety and dread.

But rest assured, if the toaster does catch alight and there is an emergency, the smoke alarm will do it’s job and let you know to keep you safe – just like the amygdala will.

But until then…. remember IT’S JUST TOAST!